You can change your life right right now with the support of Dr. Susan Allison. Using her many transformational tools: Process Therapy, hypnotherapy, Shamanic trance and energy healing.

She can help you create a new you and a new life.

Whether you are in need of transformative counseling for physical, emotional or spiritual issues, Dr. Susan Allison can help you re-connect with your highest self and let it guide you forward so you can be joyfully involved in your life again.



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Why are you here this lifetime? What is it you love

and feel passionate about? What makes you happy? What are you good at? What are you willing to do that reflects the deepest and truest part of you? Let Dr. Allison help you discover your soul’s purpose, the

light inside you and help you to shine.

"The deepest healing occurs when we listen to what our bodies, minds and spirits tell us they need. Empowered Healer, teaches us how to listen and follow the guidance of our inner voice, to heal ourselves, others and the world." 

Barbara DeAngelis, Ph.D.

New York Times Best Selling Author


Stop talking


• Don't waste another minute thinking and talking

about what's missing in your life!

• Learn how to change your thinking and take action

to create positive change.

• From the very first session, Dr. Allison will guide you

to use the key steps to change your life.


"Sue Allison has created a powerful set of guidelines for your own healing in her pivotal book, Empowered Healer, and in doing so, she has created very good medicine indeed."

Hank Wesselman, Ph.D.

Anthropologist and Author



"I have worked with Susan for eight years; she has assisted me in every part of my life, including the ending of relationships and the beginning of others.  She has also guided my recovery through several health conditions and surgeries while I created and maintained my own business. Her clear and direct style of interacting has taught me much about my own truth. My life is healthier and happier as I continue to work with her."




"Susan worked with my husband Larry over several years, and during that time, helped him reduce and even eliminate his pain from two major illnesses. She also helped him to forgive himself and others and reclaim his spiritual beliefs before his death. He lived years longer because of Susan's help, which enriched his life and the lives of everyone in our family."





Find your





You Don't Have to Die



                  NEW BOOK JUST RELEASED

In her practice, lectures and workshops, and this book, Dr. Sue is all about teaching people to find their own way into the heavenly realms and find their own wisdom there. You Don't Have to Die to Go to Heaven will appeal to anyone who is curious about the afterlife, rebirth, and the wisdom of the ages.


Deep down you know who you are. In your heart of hearts, when you tune in, you know what you believe; you know how you feel and what is important to you. Let Dr. Susan help you to speak and act from your authentic self beginning today.

"Going through divorce can be devastating and stressful. I like that the book, Conscious Divorce, focuses on ways to heal and move on. I'm tired of all the media focus on divorce as adversarial.

It can be a time of introspection and transformation, a time to go in new directions.




Find answers to your



Let Susan use her shamanic ability to channel spirit allies and divine teachers who can offer you support and wisdom. Contact her today for a FREE 15 minute session to answer one of your Life's questions!





Study with Susan Allison in the ancient way, one on one, to become a shamanic practitioner. Contact her for more information.

"You Don't Have to Die to Go to Heaven is an emotionally moving, transcendent read. A deep sense of reassurance and comfort springs from this vivid testimony of reaching beyond natural limitations. You Don't Have to Die to Go to Heaven speaks openly to readers of all faiths and backgrounds, bringing a message of hope, and encouragement for the lifelong learning at all physical and spiritual levels. Especially recommended for new age and spirituality collections."


Margaret Lane

Reviewer's Bookwatch



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