by Dr. Susan Allison

    The published author of five books: Conscious Divorce, Ending a Marriage with Integrity (Three Rivers Press/Random House), Breathing Room: The Leaving of a Marriage, Selected Poems (Park Place), Empowered Healer, Gain the Confidence, Power and Ability to Heal Yourself (Balboa) and Our Spirits Dance, Poetry of Soul Mates (Many Names Press),

she has received many awards for her writing, and has been published hundreds of times

for her non-fiction and poetry. You Don’t Have To Die To Go to Heaven,

How to Find Guidance and Healing in the Spirit Realms, (Red Wheel/Weiser), is her latest book.



"I had been talking with a colleague about the book Proof of Heaven and I said to my friend, 'You don't have to die to go to heaven; we need to tell people so everyone can go!'" --Susan Allison


What if we really didn't have to die to go to heaven? What if we could prove to ourselves through direct experience that spirit worlds exist, that there is no death, that we all are immortal, and that our departed loved ones are fine? Dr. Susan Allison shows us how in this breakthrough book. She teaches how to go into shamanic trance and spirit travel to other realms: a lower world of animal helpers, a middle realm of spirit allies, and an upper world of gurus, guides, divine teachers, and loved ones--in essence our soul tribe. By doing so, she shows how we can overcome our fear of death and feel comfort in knowing where our departed loved ones have gone.        


No one needs to wait to have a near-death experience before visiting a level of heaven; everyone can go now, meet with spirit allies, guides, and teachers and transform their lives.



This Shamanic drumming free download accompanies the book,
You Don't Have to Die
to Go to Heaven 
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 Our Spirits Dance (Many Names Press) by Susan Allison and Thomas Hickenbottom, illustrates the importance of having faith, and being tenacious and committed--inspiring readers to have the courage to keep their hearts open and love more deeply no matter what. Our Spirits Dance encourages readers to work on themselves first and become the highest and best they can be, and then attract another whole person who is living his or her purpose; so as two lights they attract one another in an evolved, higher frequency of consciousness.

  In Empowered Healer, author Dr. Susan Allison helps you relearn how to access and listen to your inner guidance and become empowered to take action to heal yourself completely-both physically and emotionally. Allison has spent more than twenty years developing a formula to help you:
• Believe in yourself and stop blocking your healing    

• Fill with power and create a team to support you           

• Tune into and listen to your physical symptoms   

• Find the emotional causes of your distress         

•  Release physical and emotional pain        

•  Create and live the life of your dreams
     Using anecdotes and examples from her personal experiences as a healer, Allison communicates the keys to believing in your own power to restore yourself to wholeness. A powerhouse of wisdom, Empowered Healer helps you heal from the inside out to create greater happiness in every area of your life.


If you are one of the millions of Americans living through or contemplating a divorce, you understand the importance of one managed with integrity -- one that allows you to move on with your life without lingering bitterness, anger, or regret. In Conscious Divorce, Susan Allison, a survivor of the divorce process and a clinical hypnotherapist, offers advice that motivates you to view divorce not as a failure but as a transitional time when both partners can embrace the new direction their lives are taking.

Every aspect of the process of divorce -- from practical financial planning to communicating with your partner, family, and friends to the importance of taking care of your mental and physical health -- is presented in this empowering guide. Conscious Divorce is a valuable information source for anyone looking for the support and strength to face this phase of life with awareness, with patience, and ultimately with peace.

   A conscious divorce is one undertaken with deep awareness    of every phase and every consequence. Engaging in a conscious divorce means assessing your readiness for divorce by following your intuition. Once you have decided that divorce is your choice, you will need to take action in eight stages. The book outlines these steps and helps you gain awareness and confidence at each stage before progressing.

   Conscious Divorce: Ending a Marriage with Integrity helps you get in touch with the emotions that accompany the ending of a relationship. Part One explores the pain of this separation, and Part Two presents the recovery and healing that can occur. A companion poetry book, Breathing Room can help you realize you are not alone in your grief, and will assure you that you will survive and flourish.



Music CD

by Dr. Susan Allison

 These songs were downloaded from Spirit.

They came into my head and heart complete with melody and lyrics.

This CD is dedicated in gratitude to the Divine in the universe, and the Divine in us all.

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